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A man in a suit shows two photos of magicians to a smiling woman on stage.

George Madrid Magic

Make your party unforgettable!

Create unbelievable magical experiences at your gathering that people will talk about for years. Your guests will laugh, cheer, and be amazed as they enjoy unforgettable interactive magic at your private party or corporate event. Bring people together through the power of magic and laughter, click here to discuss your event details.

A bald man in a nice sport coat performing magic on stage.

Strolling Comedy Magic

Experience engaging and memorable interactions as George mingles with your guests and performs close-up comedy magic. It's the perfect icebreaker to kick off a party or light up a cocktail hour, setting the tone for a successful event. Your guests will be surprised, amazed, and thoroughly entertained, leaving them with an unforgettable experience.

A man in a red lab coat performs magic in front of an audience.

Parties & Private Events

Make your party a huge success with our captivating performance of family-friendly, interactive magic! Our fast-paced show will keep your guests engaged and entertained, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone. We deliver a spectacular performance that will leave a lasting impression, ensuring your guests will be talking about your party for years to come.

A group of adults sits around a table in a cafe. One man holds cards. The other people are laughing and clapping.

Corporate Events

Looking to boost collaboration and inspire creativity at your next corporate event?  Our entertainment experience is designed to do just that. With magic, comedy, and non-stop fun, we'll create an atmosphere that encourages interaction and fosters new relationships, making your team more effective. Say goodbye to boring corporate events and hello to a night of memories that will benefit your team.

David L., Cambridge, MA

"No one will remember your charcuterie board but they will remember George's magic."

Molly F., Cambridge, MA

"George is not just a talented magician, but also a charming raconteur."

Mike P., Los Angeles, CA

"George blew us away!"

Make your next event memorable!

Thanks so much for reaching out! Let's make your next event a big success with your guests. I'll be in touch soon with a response to your request.

George Madrid

The man behind the magic.

George recently left the tech industry after 30 memorable years, and he is now ready for some magic. As a Boston-based magician, he is dedicated to making parties as memorable and enjoyable as possible. George initially learned magic to entertain his son when his wife became pregnant, and he now loves seeing the awe-struck and entertained faces of his audience.

In addition to performing, George is a Founding Producer, Performer, and Emcee at The Boston Magic Lab.

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